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On Mazel Tov Mis Amigos and San Francisco

Jeremiah Lockwood in Jewcy. Extract:

That night I played at Yoshi’s, the wonderful San Francisco jazz club, as part of the Idelsohn Society’s recreation of the 1961 album Mazel Tov Mis Amigos.  The album was made by a bunch of great Jazz and Latin players, including Doc Cheatham and Ray Barreto, playing Yiddish standards.  It was certainly a commercially motivated project, but the old record is very cool and the recreation concept is unique and fantastic.  The band was led by Arturo O’Farell, a great pianist and arranger and a lovely human being. Featured on the program were a bunch of special guests, including the legend of Fanya records and of the classic New York Salsa scene of the ’60s and ’70s, Larry Harlowe.  And I sang four songs.

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