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Mining the audio motherload continued

More treats from WFMU:

CuchyRay Terrace  ~  “Oye el Cuchy Frito Man”
(Blog: Cuchyfritos)
From the album: Abaniquito (mp3)

Cuchi Cuchi Cuchi
Boffo boogalooist Ray Terrace brought in his famous brother Pete (Pedro Gutierrez, who later gave up music to practice medicine back in Puerto Rico) to arrange this set of Latin jazz smokers from 1965. Manny Roman and Willie Torres handle the vocal duties while the band churns madly.

JoseJosé Mangual  ~  “Tribute to Chano Pozo”
(Blog: L’Ostia Latin Jazz)    [Password = Chumancera]
From the album: Campanero (mp3)

Son of Buyú
In 1977, the legendary percussionist Buyú (José Mangual Sr.), longtime mainstay in Machito‘s orchestra, released a demonstration record for the Latin Percussion instrument company. That same year, José Mangual Jr., also a renowned drummer and longtime mainstay in Willie Colón’s orchestra, also released an instructional record—this Latin percussion showcase presented here—in tribute to the master bongoceroChano Pozo. Long after his dad’s (terrific) record was relegated to cut-out bins and $1 boxes, Junior’s record continues to be considered of the most highly acclaimed Afro-Cuban releases of its generation.

CitySounds of the City Experience  ~  “Sounds of the City Experience”
(Blog: My Best of *Dance-Disco-Funk-Soul*)
From the album: Babylon (mp3)

Shitty Experience
The year 1976 was a big one for Tiger Lily, the tax scam label created by Roulette Records‘ crooked boss Morris Levy. In fact as many as seventy records—Tiger Lily’s entire discography—were released that year. Surely the most famous among them was Richard Pryor‘s “L.A. Jail,” and surely one of the funkiest was this mysterious LP from “Sounds of the City Experience.”

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