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On heavy rotation

At the moment, I am mostly listening to Grupo Fantasma. Check out the video for “Moñtanozo” at Covert Curiosity. Listen to the single “El Consejo” at the Austin Chronicle. The new album, El Existential, features Larry Harlow.

El Watusi blog features an old Larry Harlow project, Orchestra Dicupé. “Founded in Brooklyn by the trumpet playing brothers Froilán “Freddy” Dicupé and Edil Alfonso Dicupé, born 10 years apart in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. The band made just two albums for Fania,Orchestra Dicupé (1972) and Aquí Llegamos (1974), both produced by Larry Harlow.”

For more 1970s Latin music, check out Soul Sides, where the man has recently spun several versions of “a”, including Willie Colon feat. Hector Lavoe, and El Chicano’s “Viva Tirado”.

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