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Mo goood music

From Waxpoetics:

Bio Ritmo: “Dina’s Mambo” (Remix by E’s E of NYCTrust)

Bio Ritmo

From Office naps:

The frayed edges

Babs Gonzales, Lonely One (Prestige 45-204B)[…]  Babs Gonzales, Lonely One (Prestige 45-204B) 
A true original, Babs Gonzales led a fascinating, colorful life, working, in addition to myriad odd jobs, as singer, lyricist and composer, bandleader, poet, manager and active proponent of jazz and jazz culture.  However, if it’s hard to pin down exactly what Babs Gonzales was, it’s because he was first and foremost a personality – a scenester, a tireless self-mythologizer and authentically colorful character.[…]

Latin tinged surf rock

The Torquays, Escondido (Gee Gee Cee 8163-A)[…] Mostly it was just that Latin music was so well suited to adaptation by the instrumental rock ‘n’ roll form from the start, most particularly the “exotic” atmosphere and Fender guitars, deep reverb and crashing drums that characterized much early surf music.   And it wasn’t just Ernesto Lecuona’s sweeping Latin works – “Siboney”, “Malagueña” and “The Breeze And I” (“Andalucía”) – either.  From the Pharos’ “Pintor” and the Surfmen’s “El Toro” to the Tornadoes’ “Malagueña” and Dick Dale’s “Spanish Kiss,” anything from a stately Cuban bolero to a Flamenco riff or hopped-up border-town mambo might get the surf guitar treatment.

The rock ‘n’ roll instrumental would never again be quite so colorful.[…]

Carlos Camacho & Rafael Fuentes - Brilla El SolThe problem with deeply catholic countries is that people don’t write sweet folk songs about god, they write actual masses. This record is suposed to be played and sung to conduct a typical catholic liturgy. According to the back cover’s text, they wrote it to “look for new paths to express the deepest and richest […]

From 27 Leggies:

Go, Gozalo, Go!

Last year we featured a couple of tracks from the first volume of “Gozalo!”, Vampi Soul’s four volume series of Peruvian boogaloo from the 1960s and 1970s. They aren’t there any more, but if you heard them you have probably been waiting for something from the later volumes. So here are a couple of gems apiece from Volumes Two and Three, including a cracking version of “Louie, Louie“. Get up and shake your llama, Mama!

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