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Loads of great stuff at Soul Sides:



…It’s been a while since there’s been new boogaloo anthology/comp to hit the market and the folks at Secret Stash didn’t half-step in assembling their new Long Live Boogaloo. They got legendary Latin promoter/designer Izzy Sanabria to draw the cover and write the liner notes, adding a personal touch from a boogaloo insider. Moreover, while previous anthologies tended to serve as primers, this one digs deeper into the Latin soul catalog to offer up prime selections that still drift off the beaten path. For example, Pete Rodriguez, one of the key architects of the boogaloo sound, is represented here but it’s via his slept-on, early effort, “Pete’s Boogaloo” rather than the more obvious “I Like It Like That” or “Oh That’s Nice.”1 Likewise, Ray Barretto gets one song here, but instead of anything off of Acid, they go with “Right On” (strangely mis-titled here as “Pretty Mama”), arguably his funkiest Latin soul cut ever, from 1972′s Power….


linares pito.jpg

…In the last couple of months, I’ve finally been able to knock down two key Latin white whales. As proper white whales should be, both have proved extremely elusive for a few years and to make matters worse, I’m constantly teased by other, similar titles by each artist which happen to show up far more often than the albums I actually want. For examples, Linares’s other major boogaloo LP turns up for sale at least once every 4-6 weeks but El Pito may only pop up on the record radar a few times a year. I finally gave in and “settled” for the U.S. issue vs. the original MAG release (yeah, I know, hair-splitting). But glad to finally have this in the bag – I’m such a fan of Linares’s explosive piano style and to hear him going in on his cover of “El Pito” is awesome, as is the aptly-named Latin jazz tune, “Cool.” Too bad “Descarga” couldn’t get a better name but hey, still a great, lively example of the style. …

And at Village Dance Radio:

Kenny Barron – Peruvian Blue

…With Kenny Barron performing this Saturday night with Mulgrew Miller (as a duo) in San Francisco (Click here to Buy Tickets), I thought I would highlight one of my all-time favorite tracks by the accomplished pianist and composer in “Peruvian Blue”. This latin-flavored jazz gem was the title track to Barron’s 1974 album, which was released by Muse Records. The recording also features David Williams (bass), Ted Dunbar (guitar), Albert Heath (drums) as well as percussionists Richard Landrum and Sonny Morgan while Barron holds it down on both acoustic and electric piano. A great track that nicely blends post bop jazz with funky Latin rhythms. Enjoy!…

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